The only way to end this project: Begin Again.

When I set out to realize this project, I knew exactly as much about making a record as any first-time artist does, which is nothing. I sent an earnest request out into the world - an ask for belief in me, for celebration, for your trust and support. To be seen, heard, believed, and invested in. Like so many messages in bottles, that love and support came back to me, in all manner of contribution.

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Samantha Rise
What makes the music of Autumn's End? Also, Hades + Persephone.

There is a deep, deep trust in this time - walking into the darkness, carrying the light and warmth in the closest, smallest parts of our hearts- until we welcome back the light. I think there are a great many reasons why human beings are inherently afraid of the dark, and so eager to welcome back the light - but I’ve learned in my process of re-wilding my own life, darkness gets a bad wrap.

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How To Release A Record... or something like that.

We extend deadlines, and keep breathing, and make music and remember what it’s all for, and wonder if we’ll ever finish-until we do. 

Until the songs are here, like so many messages in bottles, waiting to be set adrift. And then the question comes: When do we release them? How? Where?

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