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Hard to believe we started this process a year ago, and we’re almost back to our beginnings. Our final installment is headed to all streaming platforms (catch a sneak peak on Bandcamp), and we’re headed out west to share our songs with our favorite mountain towns!

Follow along on Instagram, and don’t be stranger- we’ll hope to see you wherever we go! This fall we’ll put it all together with a celebration of a year following the sun.

Long Live the Light,



It's time we're getting back to brighter days…


Im a grateful song catcher and I when I'm feeling brave (and sometimes when I'm not), I perform them with some of my dearest friends.

I'm an odd bird and fairly stubborn and pretty old fashioned, so this lil' site has been a long time coming! Pardon our dust as we build in music, blog posts, event calendar and more!

We're making a record.  We're sharing it in four parts, one for each solstice & equinox in the year.

The Sun is getting stronger, and Brighter Days is growing. We're two installments in, and Winter's End is on its way! follow us for brand new music and hear it as soon as we release it!

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